What do a veterinarian, a life coach and a spiritual medium have in common?

One journey, one life.

What If I'd Settled?

I never could have predicted where life would take me back as a teenager trying to figure out my next step. In the end, I followed my heart and intuition...  making the decisions that were right for me, even when it didn't make sense to others.

Three decades later, I'm using the exact same approach to guide myself, help others and fully experience life.

My goal: to help others develop a deeper sense of identity and connection with themselves so they can become their own guides and live empowered lives on their terms.

A 12-week guided journey to fast-track your progress toward whole life alignment so you can discover your purpose, get back in touch with what matters to you, adjust your career so it's no longer consumes all of your energy, and prioritize yourself so you can thrive as the person you were made to be, no matter what happens in the world.

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