I offer a wide variety of customized solutions designed to help you move your online business dream forward. If you don't see exactly what you need, just ask! I'm happy to create a custom project just for you!

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Let's take your business to market!

Whether you are launching using a stand-alone email campaign, live webinars, or an evergreen funnel, it takes a lot of work. In this phase of your business, the details are critical! One misplaced trigger, or absent pixel can ruin your entire funnel (aka customer journey) and leave you with zero clients at the end. Not good.

One solution I offer is the guided launch coordination where I provide you with a road map (to-do list) custom designed based on your specific business, and I double check your steps and stats all along the way. We'll be in the trenches together as you set up your funnel, take it live, and analyze the results.

For those of you who just want it all done for you so you just have to show up and sell on your webinar, that's available too with my full service launch coordination option. I'll build your entire funnel including social media posting, facebook ads management, email creation & sequences, opt-in pages, sales pages, webinar setup, slide deck review, and complete systems integration... all you do is write your webinar, show up to present it live, and pitch the sale. Staying in close contact throughout the process is critical for success, and we'll use a combination of one-on-one calls and Slack to stay in touch. If you are ready to coordinate a launch, but don't have the time (or interest) in doing it yourself, this option may be for you.

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