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Success in online business depends on your amazing service or product landing in front of the right people.  There is nothing more frustrating that working your tail off to create an online course, coaching program or consulting service then launching it to the world and hearing crickets.

One of the biggest mistakes new online business owners make is throwing too broad of a net. It’s easy to become afraid and think nobody will want what you are offering. A common response to that fear is to target everybody with your efforts.  That’s a bad idea.

Whether you have realized it or not, you created your online business with a specific type of person in mind. Your business is likely solving a specific problem that this person needs solved. Your business is likely most suited for a person of a particular age, with particular experiences. They may even have a specific gender or location. Together, this information creates a fictional character called your Ideal Client Avatar.

Ideal Client Avatar

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Experiences
  • Pain Points (problems)

Once you define your Ideal Client Avatar (or ICA), you can use my ICE Strategy to build your ideal audience and grow your email list.

I is for Interact

Find your ICA on Social media. Are they in particular groups? Then join those groups. Do they follow specific people? Then follow those people. Are they interested in particular programs, brands or products? Then spend time reviewing those thing. 

Your mission here is to watch and learn how your ICA interacts within these groups, people and other interest areas. Figure out what types of posts they engage with. Take note of the questions they ask, the problems they are having, the programs and products they recommend.

If they ask a question you can answer, then answer it. Join in the conversation!  But, a word of caution here… do not overstep. When you are a guest in another person’s group, or a visitor on their page, it is Never Appropriate to self-promote, sell your business, or attempt to poach clients.

  • Give more than you take
  • Interact from a place of service
  • Be kind & gracious

C is for Create

Take what you learn and create content specifically with your ICA in mind.

  • social media posts
  • free resources
  • blog posts
  • live video
  • podcast episodes

Share your creations with the world! Posting about your new creation on your Facebook Business Page and on Instagram are places to start. If you have your own FB Group, then post in there too!

Pro Tip: Don’t just drop a link to the resource. Create a webpage where the person can enter their name and email address in exchange for the free resource. This is called an opt-in page and as people opt-in, your email list grows!

Caution: Do not drop your freebies and promotional posts in other people’s groups… that’s not cool.

E is for Encourage

You need to show up on social media in some form every day, or at least Monday – Friday. As people respond to what you post, respond back!  The goal here is to begin building a relationship with the people who express interest in what you are doing. 

You want to encourage your audience. You already have established they have a problem or pain point that is attracting them to you. They need to know they can overcome whatever that obstacle is, and that you can help them.

It takes a bit of work to move a total stranger through the Know > Like > Trust journey, but it will pay off down the road as you begin advertising your paid offers.

Monitor your Mindset

As you build your online business, you will find that other people are doing what you want to do.  Don’t get caught up in the comparison trap. Nobody is doing it the way you will do it, and your ICA needs the information from you! 

You will also have people unsubscribe from your email list. Don’t stress… celebrate! People who are not right for your business will remove themselves, and this is a good thing! Every unsubscribe tightens up the quality of your audience.

Just keep going.