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The first steps in a journey toward online entrepreneurship are very exciting. As would-be online business owners, we get swept up in the momentum of learning new things, meeting new people, and dreaming of how we are going to change the world through our products, programs and services.

We can’t wait to tell our friends and families about our new adventure. But, the response we get is often disheartening.

  • “You are going to do what?!”
  • “You don’t even know how to build a website.”
  • “Nobody really makes money online.”
  • “Isn’t someone already doing that?”

These words can be crushing, but worse, they plant seeds of doubt. Those seeds left unattended can become the biggest obstacle between you and online business success.

The Role of Friends & Family

Here’s the reality: Your friends and family probably won’t understand what you are trying to do, and that’s okay.

Don’t hide your business dream. Share the general idea of what you are doing and let friends and family support you from the periphery. But, if you expect your family and friends to lift you up, encourage you and help you troubleshoot your online business journey they are going to get frustrated, and so are you!

You will be much better off if you surround yourself with other online entrepreneurs and find a mentor who has been where you are, and is where you are trying to go.

Protect Your Momentum At All Cost

Here’s the reality: Fear is normal and other people are already doing exactly what you want to do.

Do It Anyway.

Remember those feelings of excitement you felt when you first started on this journey? Remember all the things you believed were possible, and all the people you were going to help?

Write That Stuff Down.

Eventually seeds of doubt will try to sprout, and will try to stop you in your tracks. Be Ready! Grab those encouraging words you wrote when your momentum and excitement were at the highest, and read back those words. It will help remind you why you are doing this, and will squash the doubt. Protect your momentum at all cost!

The fear and doubt, it’s just your brain trying to protect you. Your brain recognizes that you are feeling a little scared, a little uncertain, a little doubtful. Unfortunately, your brain does not realize you are actually not in any physical danger.

When you keep going despite the fear, doubt and uncertainty, you learn a new skill… and you retrain your brain! It will get easier over time as long as you don’t give up!

In the end, you will be your own biggest supporter.

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Keep going!